When car accidents, falls, or stress occurs, you may suffer from a minor misalignment of one or more vertebrae, irritation to the spine, backache, headache or other conditions such as numbness, tingling or pain anywhere in the body.  These issues can be resolved painlessly and naturally by chiropractic care.  Contact me now for a free in-office consultation. Chiropractic First, Drugs Second, and Surgery Last Luell Chiropractic What is Chiropractic? The non-surgical, non-drug treatment of the spine, nervous system, and associated disorders. email@drluell.com Dr. Luell (770) 923-8787 Email Dr. Luell www.drluell.com (770) 923-8787  
 Who is Dr. Luell? A National College of Chiropractic graduate serving Gwinnett County for over 20 years. Dr. Luell practices gentle, painless care.